Dubai…. Dance of Dunes…..

I fell in love with this gulf city during my short tenure of one year. Dubai, the symbol of modern Arab world offers much more than high rise buildings and of course jobs to the huge number of expats staying there. Cosmopolitan in culture, you will never feel tired roaming around the city as it offers something for everyone. Photographs shared herewith speak a thousand words about my perception about this city..

Pickles for everyone… be it Indian pickles or pickles made from Europe made from Black olives…

Colours of these bangles on display in IBN Batuta mall simply mesmerizes the female visitors to buy however I limited my interest only by capturing the colours in my camera..

Ceiling of the China Pavallion of Batuta Mall. Typical chinese colors and art…

Spices for sale at a shop in ‘spice souk’ a street in downtown Dubai..

Just another photo of spices (The pink one is dried bud of pink roses)…

Very carefully made sand art in bottles. Price ranges from 5 to 50 USD. Nice souvenir item and true art…

Movies for every one…Colourful display of movie timings at IBN Batuta Mall featuring movies from Hollywood hits to Indian Bollywood..

On sale…  Camels everywhere… from soft toys to pictures on the mugs, pens, candles …  camels everywhere…

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