Mysterious ruins of Paddhargadh fort in Kutch

Early this year, I was on an official visit to Kutch. On the weekend, I got an opportunity to tour beautiful Kutch excluding the Rann part. The same day return journey covered visits to Bhuj, Ashapura, Narayan Sarovar and Mandvi. Between Bhuj and Aashapura, near Manjal village, a ruined structure could not skip my attention. Out of my curiosity, I decided to further explore the same. I believe, Paddhargadh must have been a very beautiful small fort. Sharing herewith some photographs and information which I could gather about this place.

Ruins of Paddhargadh fort in Kutch

Lost in the History

Contrary to monolithic structures (which are made carving a single rock as in the case of famous Ellora or Karle Kind caves), these types are called megalithics in which large blocks of stones are carved and used in building the structure.



As mentioned in the ASI board at this abandoned place, this fort was built in 10th Century by some Ra’ Punvro (even I could not get any details about this) and that this was an extensive fort that time. Reasons of destruction are not known to anyone although it is believed that this was destroyed due to invasion by the Jakhs.



Looking to the pattern of the this double storeyed structure, one will admire about the taste of the king who might have built it. The upper deck is supported by cylindrical blocks measuring about 7 to 8 ft and some of them still stand pretty after facing the cruel jolts of Kutch earthquakes time and again



The columns were seen with somewhat square tops on which head of animals and men were seen.


The display board put up by ASI briefs about the myth surrounding this beautiful structure. The site could have been preserved by ASI beautifully which seems to be lacking on their part.

Interesting place. Visit in case u r enroute Ashapura temple from Bhuj side any time. Geo coordinates are 23.258461,69.381637.

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