Petals n Pollen

I opted the Commerce field after doing my grad in Biology with Botany as one of my favorite subject. Yet whenever I look at the beautiful flowers, the botanist in me wakes up to admire and shoot the natures most beautiful creations. After sharing some of those captured pics in my earlier post, here are some of my best macros shot across the Mumbai region. Beauty lies every where… What matters is the perception to look at it.Lookalike of Poinsettias

These look alike of Poinsettias I spotted at my friend’s house in Pen. The red leaves turn green after  some time but the tiny flowers amid those leaves gave a spectacular look.DSCN4010

Wide open lovely and colourful petals of the flower blossomed at my friend’s house in Pen town mesmerizes the visitors… Could not recollect the Indian or botanical name of this but found it worth capturing on my Nikon L110…DSCN4261

Spotted near the Vashi Railway station, these flowers wont escape your attention….  DSCN4249

Cant name these flower spotted near the Vashi Railway station but the buds a flowers were just amazing enough to capture them.

Grass flower @ my balcony

Grass flower @ my balcony

This amazing grass flower bloomed in my balcony encroaching a rose plant. Amazing colours and tenderness of the petals compelled me to capture these flowers in my camera and preserve forever…

Anonymous flowers @ Loya Farms

Anonymous flowers @ Loya Farms

These flowers blossomed on a thorny plant in a farmhouse offers superb view as the petals are spirally arranged in a conical way. Forget about the name, just enjoy the natures most beautiful creations…DSC_0070Spotted on the banks of river Narmada while I was in MP…


DSC_0009 (2)

I spotted these blooming Lotus bud and flower in a small pond at a nursery in Navi Mumbai when I went there to buy few plants. Me and my had to revisit with our cameras just for capturing these flowers…DSC_0117

Welcome to the world….. This rose bud was about to open up at a road side garden in MP…

DSC_0203DSC_0259 DSC_0379 DSC_0377

Marigolds and Hibiscus flowers at “Loya Farms”, Talegaon in Amravati District of Maharashtra (India).  This farm spread over 25 acres has some of the rare varieties of flowers and plantations. 

One thought on “Petals n Pollen

  1. Mind blowing efforts . Hats of to nature !! Thanks a lot for sharing amazing photos of flowers and corresponding information.


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