ABC… All about Belgian Chocolates

Spain and Italy have their Olive Oil while France is known for its Wine. Belgium is all about its Chocolates and Beers.  Although not an ardent chocoholic, just spent some good time exploring the Belgian chocolate shops in Brussels and Bruges. With beautiful decorations these shop display these products in the best possible way so as to attract even a non enthusiast buyer not to talk about the photographers. I started with a small but nicely decorated chocoleterie just behind the bourse in Brussels named ‘Le Comptoir De Mathilde’ and here as the photographs which explain everything…


Chocolaterie ‘La Comptoir De Mathilde’… an attractive little store near the grand place in Brussels. Sells traditional chocolates. You can have a instant hot chocolate even. Very humble staff to explain you all about the Belgian chocolates… Impressive and must visit


Lots of varieties and flavours in the loose chocolates to select from. You have a choice of multiple selection as all these varieties have same price.


Pamper yourself…..A chocolate with hammer to break it….


Varieties of offerings… With different nuts and different chocolates…


Ideal differential focusing object… ?


Chocolate coated with puffed rice


Truck laden with the sinful delights

While walking around the Bruges town, I selected a store named ‘La Belgique Gourmande’ to explore the confectioneries and chocolates. The shop is located near the central market and the beautiful arrangement of the ever vibrantly colored sweets naturally attracts the visitors attention. Mainly sells Cuberdons, Macaroons, Pearl Chocolates, Cookies etc. The staff was courteous enough to increase my confectionery knowledge to some extent. Following pictures are from this shop….


A chocolate shop in central Bruges, Belgium


They call these as ‘Macaroons’. Sugary treats and heavenly feelings. Could not taste all the flavours…


The displays of Macaroons in the shops resemble something like high end jewelry shops…


Vibrantly colored Macaroon


Conically shapes, Sweet, slightly hard outside but soft inside these delicacies are called ‘Cuberdons’


This one is the orignal Cuberdon…. Red Raspberry. When inquired about the recipe, I was told that its a secret however it takes around a week to take out a perfect Cuberdon due to slow ageing process.


Pineapple flavor. Inexpensive. Handmade. Available in splash of colors and favors. These sweets sure stand tall in popularity among the tourists…


Chocolate coated orange slices in Bruges shop

A paradise for the sweet lovers. ‘La Cure Gourmande’ are one of the renowned french confectioners with branches at Dubai,  Abu Dhabi, Brussels etc. The shop looks like a fairy tale location. Dont hesitate to taste the sample free cookies offered with a smile.


La Cure Gourmande, Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium


Near to the grand place is this famous candy and biscuits shop named ‘La Cure Gourmande’. The shop naturally attracts the tourists and ardent photographers thanks to the wonderful lighting and products arrangement in the shop… Photo No 1


Olive chocolates…. No these are just Olive shaped and nothing to do with the real olives


Olive chocolates beautifully packed and displayed @ La Cure Gourmande, Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium


This aesthetic packaging is really appealing. I bought few variety of boxes as souvenirs.


Their logo… This cute pigtailed french child… inviting you to buy these biscuits, chocolates, candies, fudges, caramels etc


The very humble candies


Prices are quite high. These tins filled with the cookies will cost you around 20 euros or 25 USD. The elaborate displays will sure compel you to buy.


Lollypops… With very friendly staff you will have a special feeling at this place. I recommend a must visit whenever you get a chance….


Visit for more details about these confectioners…

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Beers Bruges Belgium

Had a chance to visit beautiful Belgium in February 2015. After lot of research, decided to visit the wonderful city of Bruges famous for its unique architectural houses, chocolates and of course, varieties of beers it brews and offers. You can reach Bruges from Brussels by trains (every 30 minute there is one) and it takes just 14 Euros and an hour for a one way trip. Sharing herewith my experience through these photos…

The town hall of Bruges

The town hall of Bruges located in the center of the city now turned in a museum..

Bruges town hall

Built in 1376 this building is a master piece of Gothic architecture


Town hall Bruges

Bruges town hall

Some early scenes of Indian movie ‘Peekay’ was shot here and the curiosity lead me to this place

Bruges town hall

Beautiful lamp posts near the town hall


Restaurants @ Market in Brugges

Restaurants @ Market in Bruges

The restaurants at

Restaurants @ Market in Brugges - 2

Restaurants @ Market in Brugges – 2

Restaurants @ Market in Brugges - 3

Restaurants @ Market in Brugges – 3

Restaurants @ Market in Brugges - 4

Evening time at Restaurants @ Market in Bruges – 4

Bruges town hall in the evening hours

Bruges town hall in the evening hours

A typical Brugges house

A typical Brugges house. The city architecture is a photographer’s dream destination.



Bruges Steets

A typical medieval city with narrow but beautiful streets. Just have a city map along with and these cobblestone streets can take you around all those interesting places without being lost…


Medieval building structures with no touch of modernisation. Very well preserved all across the city.


Canals in Bruges

These canals are integral part of this beautiful city and an easy way to have a look around the architecture riding in the small powered boats..

Canals @ Bruges

There more than 40 arch bridges all over these canals and some are very narrow where the tourists are asked to bend downwards to save their heads…





Clicked some beautiful formations by these royal swans across one canal passage…1


Clicked some beautiful formations by these royal swans across one canal passage…2


The great wall of beer… On display are more than 600 varieties and brands of beer.. A must visit place while you are in Bruges


Inexpensive and lots of combinations of beer available at 2-be pub which is most popular and populous. The staff is courteous enough to suggest you in case you are a novice in beer tasting….


Beer lovers @ 2-be…. Pic 1


Beer lovers @ 2-be…. Pic 2


Beer lovers @ 2-be…. Pic 3


Belgian beer at display and sale at shop of 2-be


Another photo of Belgian beer at display and sale at shop of 2-be





From cheery to coconut… You will find everything what can be prepared as beer. Unfortunately missed to visit the Brewery.



The beer vending machine at 2-be

Many more things to do in next visit to the heaven on earth…