Beautiful flowers of amazing ‘cannonball tree’

Nature is full of surprises. You just need to look around yourself for the wonders it has created. Last week, when I was shooting the lotus flowers at a pond in Navi Mumbai, one of the curious onlooker took to me this wonderful tree popularly called as ‘Cannonball tree’ or ‘Nag Chafa’ in Marathi. I could not shoot the flowers that day as it was fading but decided to come next day.

Next day, I visited the tree to witness a sweet and strong scent oozing out of those lovely flowers. Sharing here with the pictorial journey of this wonderful tree…

The Tree

These trees are rare to find but the usual locations are near Shiva temples in India. Flowers bloom on the small extrusions coming out on the main trunk


This cannonball shaped fruit of the tree is the real weapon. When ripe, this fruit falls on the earth with a loud bang thereby dispersing the seeds for its propagation… The falling fruit could also pose threat to the people standing below…


Flowers mostly grow above a few feet height on the main truck though a extruded twig


Some times the flowers grown in bunches. Have a very strong sweetish scent and very bright colored petals for attracting the bees and other insects for cross pollination


Speechless to describe the mother natures creation…


My curiosity drove me to find more and more about this tree. Thanks to google, it has medicinal properties as well


The curved stamen gives it a look of snake hence the marathi name ‘Nag Chafa’ meaning flower resembling a snake.


Don’t neglect the wonders of nature if ever you get an opportunity to be close with it… This shot taken from my 40mm prime lens


While you enjoy beauty of these flowers, be aware of the falling fruits which could lead to serious injuries as they weigh several kilos in weight and have hard cover outside..


These fragrant flowers open up early in the morning generally after 7am but do not last long and the petals keep on falling through out day.


Scientific name ‘Couroupita Guianensis’. Belongs to the Brazi Nuts family. More info at

Buds n Blooms

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love…. Max Muller quoted. Vivid colours and gentle feel of flowers always attracted me. I feel, whatsoever the mankind achieves in the field of science, we will never be able to recreate the colours, feel and fragrance of these nature’s greatest gifts to us. Sharing herewith some of the photographs taken by me during last few years. Please feel free to leave a comment…


My best encounter with these marvels of nature happened at the Mapro Garden in Panchgani town near Mahabaleshwar Hill station in India. This private garden sprawling over a couple of acres mainly had plenty of Dahalias and Roses. Each flower was a master piece in itself.  Pink, Orange, Purple and Red coloured Dehalias are treat to watch and capture in your cameras….

DeheliaAnother pair of Dahalias at Mapro Garden in Panchagani…

Above : Palash (Butea Monosperma also called as ‘flame of forest’) flowers on a highway in Madhya Pradesh. In summer, these flower resemble like a wild fire. Abundant in Central India, these flowers are also used in making natural holi colours in some parts of the country. Shooting these very colourful flower had always been my dream and passion… Another close up of these flowers given below..

Palash (Flame of Forest)

Anonymous flower at a hotel in Ooty hill station. It was raining there and I clicked this image when it stopped temporarily.


Dehelia at Ooty Botanical Garden

This Dahlia was shot at the Ooty Botanical Garden. It is learnt that there are more than 30 varieties of Dahlias and all are unique in terms of colours and appearance…

Rose Bud

Rose Bud

The Blooming Bud – This was clicked by me while I was at the Asia’s largest Tank Museum maintained by the Indian Army near Ahmednagar city of Maharastra.

A Lotus

Lotus – The Indian National Flower. This flower bears special place in the Hindu religion being favourite of many gods and goddesses. This picture was taken at a temple near Pune. Exotic & Pure…Lotus

In 2006, I had couple of trips to Bulgarian capital Sofia. The hotel where I had put up had a small tulip garden to my delight and clicking the blooming tulips was my best pass time at the hotel… Another photo of the tulip garden in the back drop of the hotel given below…

Anonymous flower captured by me at a steel mill in Delta region of Nigeria…

The Delicate

These orchids mesmerise you at the centre of Changi airport terminal, Singapore…

Flame Lily

This Wild flower with curly petals is known as ‘Gloriosa Superba’ or ‘Flame Lily’. I found this rare colourful flower atop an ancient cave near Mahad town in Maharashtra…

Caesalpenia flowers in the median of Mumbai-Pune Expressway.  The colours and view of the trees laden with these flowers compelled me to stop on the highway just for capturing them in my cam.

Flowers from my terrace garden….

Blooming Adenium at my terrace garden

Adenium flowers blooming at my terrace garden. This plant is more than 15 years old. One more pic below..


Hibiscus at my terrace garden in Navi Mumbai

Hibiscus flower, favourite of the ‘Lord Ganesha’ blooming in my small terrace garden..

More to come….